AEIC Achievement Award 2022: Eversource’s Cape Code Energy Storage Microgrid Project

AEIC Achievement Award 2022

Summary: Eversource needed to provide a back-up energy supply solution to the weather-prone Cape Cod region of Massachusetts. The traditional solution was constructing a 13-mile distribution line, which would’ve come with environmental risks and high costs.

Instead, Eversource chose to construct a 24.9 MW / 38 MWh lithium-ion battery system as the sole source of supply for a microgrid back to the Wellfleet substation. LG Energy Solution Vertech provided the battery system for this innovative project.

The microgrid was specially designed to size the microgrid island to maximize reliability benefit to customers based on damage location. When not required for reliability purposes, the Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) can be used for peak shaving and local voltage support.

Impact: This ground-breaking project is expected to improve reliability for approximately 11,000 customers with automatic power restoration for customers in less than one minute.

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